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Pre-procedure Checklist

 Surely your'e excited about your upcoming appointment; we want you to have a positive experience and amazing outcome!


 Prior to your appointment,please review the information here. ****Please bring a completed copy of your medical history form (a PDF version can be found on our website) and a government issued photo ID to your appointment. ****

Additional people are not allowed in the procedure room but are              welcome to hang out in our waiting room, however.....

    .....please leave young children at home; although we love 'em, we do have equipment and supplies that are not safe for our                                   curious "future clients".

Cosmetic tattooing is not right for you if any of the following apply:

  • Chronic Diseases: diabetes Type 1, lupus, hepatitis, HIV, AIDS

  • Active Skin Disorders: cold sores, shingles, impetigo, psoriasis, pink eye, burns, vitiligo, severe chapping, acne, rosacea, or a predisposition to keloids and hypertrophic scarring

  • Blood Disorders: Sickle Cell Anemia, Hemophilia

  • Prescribed current use of blood thinners (speak to your physician)

  • Pregnancy or nursing

  • Use of Accutane (must be discontinued at least six months prior)

  • Steroid use (consult your physician; must be discontinued at least six months prior)

 Additional pre-procedure Do's and Dont's​​

  • Discontinue retinol products such as Retin-A seven days pre-procedure

  • Refrain from injections (Botox and fillers) for two weeks pre and post procedure

  • Refrain from chemical peels and laser treatments for sixty days pre and post procedure

  • NO...NO...NO....sunburned/tanned/blistered skin (colors will not be accurate, we cannot tattoo damaged skin, and you know it's bad for you)

  • No alcohol or caffeine for two days pre-procedure

  • If possible, refrain from taking ibuprofen or aspiring based medications for three days pre-procedure (it can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding)

  • Refrain from taking Vitamin E, niacin, green tea, and fish oil supplements for three days prior to your appointment


Especially for Brows

  • Do not tweeze, pluck, wax, or color eyebrows for two weeks pre-procedure

  • Concealer and foundation may be removed to properly determine skin tone

  • Do not apply cosmetics on the brow for seven days post procedure


Especially for Eyeliner

  • Remove eyelash extensions at least two days prior to an eyeliner procedure

  • Do not wear contact lenses to, or immediately after, an eyeliner appointment

  • Latisse® must be discontinued at least three months prior to your eyeliner tattoo

  • To prevent post procedure infection-use new, unopened mascara and ensure your cosmetic brushes are clean


Especially for Lips

  • If you have a history of Herpes Simplex1(cold sores/fever blisters) you must obtain a prescription from your physician for prophylactic anti-viral medication (which should be continued after the procedure as well) Micropigmentation of the lips is an invasive process that often triggers a cold sore outbreak (even if you haven't had one in many years)

  • Lips are especially prone to dramatically lightening after a procedure-do not be surprised if you lose up to 70% of the initial pigment intensity

Micropigmentation is a time intensive process-should you need to reschedule or cancel please do so with a minimum 24 hour notice. ***We reserve the right to charge a booking deposit.******


Post-procedure Do's

  • Schedule your follow up appointment (generally six to eight weeks later)

  • Avoid working out or sweating for one week post procedure (sweat will "wash away" the pigment)

  • Keep the area as dry as possible (refrain from long showers, steam rooms, and pools for one week post procedure)

  • If swelling presents, try sleeping on an elevated pillow until resolved

  • Thoroughly wash your hands; do not pick scabs or scratch the area 

  • Cleanse the area gently; do not rub and pat dry with a clean towel

  • Use the provided after care topical product sparingly; apply as directed with a clean cotton swab 

  • Just say NO to UV rays; wear a hat and glasses, use sunscreen, and avoid prolonged sun exposure

  • Laser, peels, retinols, and acids can affect your tattoo-be sure to avoid these areas when having these procedures done

  • Don't fret or regret! Your tattoo will dramatically change as it heals; color, brightness, and size will increase or decrease, and it may temporarily fade away until the skin regenerates​ - a touch-up appointment will address any irregularities

                   Should you have any questions drop us a line

                        (617) 922-9828     karen@studioinkd.com

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